Welcome to Filipino World Records!

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We are amazed at what Filipinos can do. The Filipino can create a new world record and break that record anytime anywhere.


So if you’re a Filipino, you have that prowess to be a world record-setter or a world record-breaker!



Can you become a new world record holder? Yes! Now let’s see what you can do!

Just submit a video of your unique feat, plus two (2) FWR record attempt forms signed by two adult witnesses, and email it to to us with a message title: FWR Set A Record.

Send it to recordsetter@filipinoworldrecords.com.



You can break that record anytime anywhere! Show us what you can do!

Just submit a video of your unique feat, plus two (2) FWR record attempt forms signed by two adult witnesses, and email it to us with a message title: FWR Break A Record.

Send it to recordbreaker@filipinoworldrecords.com.



Record-setting and record-breaking contents will be posted soon. Meanwhile we invite you to film your record attempt and send us a raw video. Please review the following principles before taking the challenge:



We consider all new record attempts that adhere to FWR policies and uphold our values of honesty, esteem, zeal, and voluntary participation. Any record setters or record breakers promoting offensive or illegal activities would be disqualified.


We appeal to different age groups to consult health professionals before joining any physical attempt. Record Attempters must provide medical certificate before joining. Minors must submit consent form signed by parent/guardian before attempting records suitable for their age. Record attempts are also open to any person with disability (PWD) but medical certificate must be submitted to Official FWR Organizer.


We are accepting record attempts from persons with Filipino blood, half-Filipinos, and Filipino citizens only. Record attempts by animals are not allowed.


Please read and review the Records Mechanics and Proof Checklist that serves as guidelines before submitting signed forms and video via email. It is the Record Attempter’s responsibility to make sure that the Official FWR Organizer receives all of his/her personal information and valid documents during Participation Schedules.


All necessary forms signed by the Record Attempter and Watchers (two adult witnessess), images, and videos sent or submitted to Filipino World Records are “User Content” and are consented by him/her for advertising, promotional, publicity, marketing or commercial purposes in various media (like website, social media platforms, etc) at our sole discretion without further notice and payment.


Additionally, any cost or price to be fully paid by you/him/her to any bank, money remittance center and/or payment gateways for partaking as Record Attempter or Record Holder is stated in the Records Mechanics. Your payment serves as on-site registration, membership, transaction, verification and certification fees; it would monetize Filipino World Records and pay workers who handle content, publicity, production, and labour costs or expenses. Donations, sponsorship, benefits, and profits generated by Filipino World Records from its products and services cover basic expenses.


Official Filipino World Record Certificates and souvenirs are tokens of appreciation and recognition that Record Holders receive for their global talents and feats. That said, we encourage Filipino World Record Holders to become role models and active citizens in their own communities.


As you can see, the rules and principles are simple. All you need to do is to become an active participant with a World Record in mind. If you want to make a career out of a Record Title, please feel free to message us and let’s see what we can do together. Remember this: You have the Filipino prowess to become a World Record Superstar!